What do you supply, besides the room?

In addition to the beautiful space, The Rose Room supplies all of the tables and chairs that you will need for your wedding or special event. Click here for a full list of our features and amenities.

Who provides the food?

You may choose from our excellent, professional caterers who offer a variety of menus and price ranges to fit any budget. A list of our caterers and other support vendors can be found here.

What about the bar? Can I bring my own beverages?

We do not allow guests to bring their own alcoholic beverages. If you would like to have alcohol at your wedding or event Jo’s Traveling Bar can provide everything you’ll need. They offer hosted and non-hosted options as well as a combination of both. Jo’s Traveling Bar has the necessary liability licensing and a professional staff of bartenders that will help make sure your wedding or event is a successful one.

What about events other than weddings and business functions?

The Rose Room is a very versatile venue and welcomes a variety of events into the space. Events such as concerts, dances, and functions for the under 18 crowd will need to be reviewed on an individual basis.

Why can’t I rent Friday or Saturday at just the evening rate?

Most of our weekends are rented for weddings or large parties. For these types of events extra set up time is needed so in an effort to make sure that all events run as smoothly as possible we only rent out Fridays and Saturdays at the full day and evening rate.

How much is the deposit?

To hold your date 50% of the contracted rate and a $100 refundable cleaning deposit is due when you sign your agreement.  The balance of the rental amount is due 60 days before your event.

What if we cancel our event, do we get our deposit back?

Although the agreement states that the deposit is non-refundable; we are happy to refund deposits IF we can fill the date that was canceled (Less a $250.00 administrative fee). We refund the deposit AFTER the date in question. We make every attempt to re-rent dates that have been canceled. The deposit becomes non-refundable 30 days prior to the

Can we get married there too?

Absolutely! We have had many happy couples hold their wedding ceremony at the Rose Room. Depending on the number of guest you’ll have we have various suggestions for the best set-up to accommodate both the ceremony and reception. More and more couples are saving money and transportation hassles by doing everything at one place.

If I’m getting married in the Rose Room can I have a rehearsal?

Of course! Rehearsals usually take place in the morning on the day of your wedding or during our daytime hours a few days before your event. If you would like to have your rehearsal on a day other than your wedding day please let us know and we will accommodate as best we can around other events that are scheduled. Evening rehearsals the day prior to your wedding date are usually not an option due to other events being held in the evenings.

Is there a place for the bride to change or get ready before the wedding?

We have just completed our Bride’s Room. The room has full-length mirrors, vanity with make-up lighting, restroom facilities, and sound system. A perfect Bride’s Room!

Can I decorate?

Yes you can decorate the room. We ask that you do not use tacks, nails or anything else that will leave a permanent mark in the room including tape on the walls. The east side wall has a large section of upholstery that you may temporarily adhere decorations to. We also have several white lattice screens that may be used to decorate on. Helium balloons are not permitted in the Rose Room. Candles are welcome as long as they are in votive holders or enclosed in ‘bubble balls’ or hurricane covers.

Who unlocks the building and locks up after the event?

The building is unlocked during business hours so your support people can make deliveries or people can set-up during the day. Before your event the caterer will be on site and after the event the bartenders will lock up and make sure the room is secure. If your event does not include a bar your caterer will secure the building. While you may have people in and out during the day of your event, we do not advise leaving anything valuable in the room unsupervised. The Rose Room can not be held responsible for any lost or stolen property.

Who supplies linens for the tables?

The caterer you choose will supply them. They will need an accurate count of how many tables you are using before your event.

Who sets up the tables and chairs for my event?

Your caterer will set up for your event. Our cleaning crew will take down the tables and chairs when they cleans after your event.

How do I decide how to set up for the event?

We would be happy to meet with you and and help you plan on the best set up for your wedding or special event. You can also meet with your caterer to discuss it. A layout of the Rose Room is included with your packet with your contract to help you with this and can also be found here.

Who cleans up the room after our event?

Your caterers will clean up all items associated with the food and Jo’s Traveling Bar will clean up all items associated with the bar. They will take out the garbage and plates, etc. immediately after your event. Any items that you have brought into the room i.e.; decorations, photos, business meeting materials, etc. must be taken out when you leave. It is important to honor the official ending time of your event in order for us to accommodate the needs of the event booked the next day. The Rose Room will not be held responsible for any items left after your event.

Will someone from the Rose Room staff be on location during my event?

Rose Room staff will not be at your event. We trust our caterers and our bar manager to handle any questions you may have.

We are a non-profit organization. Do you give a price break?

Non-profit organizations may receive a percentage off the rental rate depending on availability of the room. Please contact us for more details.

Yes! We want to book a date in the Rose Room, what do we do now?

Give us a call!  We will check on the availability of your desired date and walk you though the needed paperwork.  Once the contract has been signed and the deposit has been received your date will be held for your event.